Wednesday 22 July 2009

What's with the name ?

I developed the original pages for the “CORBA Java Code Clinic” back in the mid 90's – at a time when there was a growing interest in Object-Oriented Technology as a new simple language called Java was about to come on the scene.

One of the initial problems people had with CORBA was setting up their environment correctly. Both Orbix and VisiBroker (the leading ORBs at the time) required specific set ups to function correctly. Then once that was solved, the next challenge was how to model and design distributed object systems. Nowhere on the small world wide web did this information exist, so I decided to spend some time and code up some examples together with the proposed UML notation.

I also developed a training course titled “Building Distributed Object Applications with CORBA”. This course was based on CORBA 2.0 with IDL/Java Language Mapping (1997) and CORBA 2.2 with ORB Portability IDL/Java Language Mapping (1998) and the (at the time) proposed CORBA 2.3 IDL/Java Language Mapping (1999).

Fifteen years later, and Java and UML are ubiquitous. Yet, I feel that many newcomers to Object-Oriented Technology are still struggling with distributed objects.

It is my intention to recreate that old (and very popular) section of my site here, while also updating it with some newer examples of different, and emerging technologies.